Cast On September Sockdown

I'm knitting the MARILINDA sock pattern by Cookie A. for the September Sockdown challenge.
With triple wraps, triple wrap decreases , cable increases and decreases and other complicated stitches, I am s-l-o-w-l-y making progress.

I sometimes wonder if this is just a little bit too complex for socks. They are, after all, worn on my feet and hardly anyone looks at my feet. But in the afterglow of finishing a challenging pattern I know I will be thinking differently.

My sock drawer is full of handknit socks and so I feel I have finally reached the point where I can be a little discriminating in my pattern choice. Of course, I vacillate from feeling like this to feeling like my favorite socks, the ones I always pull out of the drawer first, are the plain vanilla ones.

At any rate, this is an enjoyable pattern despite the fact that it is not exactly the most relaxing of patterns. I'm glad I have the whole month of September to finish them for I am most certain they will take three times as long as the plain vanillas............

These socks will also count for the September Solid Socks KAL (orange).