It's Been a While!

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. Having my girls home for Christmas kept me busy. It was fun to have them home for a few weeks, nice to have our family together again. I've posted a picture of me with my girls. This picture was taken the day after my daughter and I had a nightmare flu bug. We were all smiles and glad to be over it. I believe we were getting ready to drive down the mountain to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday.

My parents were in Colorado with us celebrating Christmas. One of our family traditions is to get pizza at Fargo's Pizzaria with them. We actually celebrated Don's birthday there. Here is a picture of the old man on his 50th:

He said it was one of his best birthdays so far. I think his favorite gift was a television my dad bought him. With two girls in college, he was feeling pretty broke so the timing was perfect!

50,50,50 I can hardly believe it! How time does fly. I met Don when he was 26 years old and it seems like yesterday.

We also went to see THE CHRISTMAS CAROL in a historic mining town near our home. It was a melodrama that had a twist of Colorado mining history in it. At first we had our doubts but those doubts were quickly put to rest as we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Santa was good to me....actually, I think Mrs. Claus knows how to knit. I now have more yarn in my stash, two knitting books teaching fair isle knitting, new wooden needles and a yarn ball winder. And, as usual, I have far more projects on the sticks than time to do them in. Speaking of which........I'm off to knit!