Trek With Me to the Mailbox

Here is a progress shot of my TREK ALONG WITH ME socks made with the Trekking XXL. I'm using Cat Borhdi's pattern called Coulumbine Peaks because the Columbine flower is our state flower and we live in the Rocky Mountains. The purplish color also reminds me of the Columbine flower. Maybe I will even have these finished for next months Project Spectrum!

My 'trek' begins at my log home which is at the top of our neighborhood. It is hard to tell from this picture, but Pikes Peak looms behind my house. I try to walk down to get the mail every day.

We've had a bit of a drought so the wildflowers are not as glorious as they normally are. I was able to spot an Indian Paintbrush just short of my driveway.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk down to my mailbox and 30 minutes to walk home. If you look carefully, you can once again see Pikes Peak at the 'bottom' of the hill. Pikes Peak is over 14,000 ft height and appears shorter on this side than the side most people are familiar with. It looks shorter because our house is at 9,035 elevation.

At this elevation our skies are a brilliant shade of blue. I love Colorado skies! The clouds are always very dramatic here. We wake up almost every morning to bright sunny skies and, in the summertime, the clouds roll in around lunchtime for afternoon showers .... we call this the Rocky Mountain Express.