Cold Winter Day

A cold winter day in the Rockies!

A good day for washing a week's worth of socks and hanging them on the logs to dry. When I first started knitting socks I would carefully handwash them and put them on my sock blockers to dry. Now I go for the quickest way - toss them in the washing machine on delicate and then drape them over the stair rails! How do you wash yours?

We can always tell what critters have been around the house by the tracks in the snow. There is no sneaking around our house! Fortunately, these are not human tracks of any kind. Something has been roaming around between my house and the neighbor's house. Most likely these are deer tracks but I prefer to stay inside where it is nice and warm instead of doing any serious investigating. We have all sorts of mountain critters lurking around. I don't know how they stay warm in these frigid temperatures.

Here is an early morning shot of the mountains outside my dining room window: