Footballers Wives

How many of you are footballers wives? I'm curious to see what everyone did during the Super Bowl. Are any of you avid football fans? If so, who did you want to win the game? Or, are you a football widow? Did you get much knitting done during the game?

I have tried to cultivate a love for football because my husband enjoys having me there with him as he watches the games. I'm not an avid football fan but if I have some sticks and yarn in my hands I can enjoy the whole football thing.
DH and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening together. My nephew has been spending Sunday afternoons with the church youth group which is wonderful for him as well as us! We are missing our empty nest and our alone time together :-(
I alternated knitting between my Irish Hiking Scarf and my second Spey sock (last KOTR KAL). My paws were itching to work on something else but I am trying very hard to stick with only two projects at a time. I think my multi-task-knitting-approach was unproductive in 2006 so the two-project plan is my new tactic for 2007. And, I will ONLY knit one pair of socks at a time. And, I will only knit from my stash!