007 Snap a Dozen Days

I'm already behind on the 007 Snap a Dozen Days project!

The object is to post twelve pictures once a month expressing the meaning of the month to you. You can post about a person, a place, a thing - whatever you want. Then you write a blog post in conjunction with the pictures to explain the meaning of the month.

And so I present to you the meaning of January 2007 to me:

January 2007

These twelve pictures tell the story of how my days were occupied during the month of January.

Most of you know that my 12-year old nephew came to live with us at the beginning of the month. He is a pleasant kid to have around and is a very good communicator. I have spent the month trying to figure out the gaps in his education. There are MANY gaps. Too many gaps. I am grateful that he picks things up quickly when they are taught to him. Our days are long and exhausting. He doesn't seem to be too troubled about school lasting the entire day. I think it is because he just loves the company and one-on-oneness that he is getting. He has been neglected far too long in his young life.

With SCHOOL occupying most of the day, there has not been time for much else in my life. Each day is getting a little easier as we fall into a daily routine. I'm starting to squeeze in more knitting and blogging to keep me sane. The housework is resuming and I am getting better organized with meals.

It is amazing how quickly one forgets how time consuming children are!